Monday, May 19, 2008

Before the beginning of the Brown family

Hi :-)
We are Gary & Trudi Brown, we live in Carlisle, PA, and have two turtles...
Everyone always asks us "how long have you been together", and we always just laugh. This is our running joke because it's a trick question.
A: 18 years

B: 17 years

C: 8years

D: all of the above

Pick any answer and you'd be correct. We met in August of 1990 when Trudi moved to the DC area from Oregon and almost immediately found a job at the Pentagon City Mall where Gary was working. Starting off as friends, we would laugh over lunch at the bad dates we'd had the night before. In late October, Trudi decided that she liked Gary too much and asked him out on a proper date. Then Christmas eve, after taking a dinner break in the back corridors of the mall, away from all the panicky shoppers, Gary pulled Trudi into an alcove and got down on his knees. Her first thought was "what are you doing you will get your pants all dirty". ... After only 6 months of engagement, they moved into a itty-bitty apartment in Arlington, on June 13th of 1991. Ten years, four apartments, and many attempts to set a date later, we finally found a time when all of our family members could be in the same place at the same time. Trudi's family turned our friend Annie's backyard into a garden chapel, and after tears, cheers, and hugs all around we partied till the next morning.... but all that is the topic of another blog. Here's a few pictures from our early days together.