Monday, September 28, 2009

Rude Behavior? What do you think?

Bushmaster (Gary Brown - guitar, vocals; Vinnie Hunter - bass; Greg Phillips - drums) start their second set at Delmarva Bike Week 2009 with one of their original songs "Good Life".

Usually when there are multiple bands performing on the same stage, the same day, there is a short 15-20 minute switch over time (for the bands to move equipment around). This day there was a whole hour between bands - plenty of time (and then some)... Watch what is going on behind us by the band scheduled to go on after us - Aeroforce (an Aerosmith tribute band from Canada)...

With that in mind - How do you explain this rude behavior (at the beginning of our second hour - two hours before the next band is scheduled to start)???...
A.) the fact that we played our own original music - and the crowd liked it?
B.) did Gary not mention their band enough (even though he said it almost every song)?
C.) did one of their girlfriends stare at Gary too much, or clap too much?
D.) All of the above?

What do you think about what happened? Has something like this happened to you or your band? Please give me some feedback...

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Delmarva Bike Week 2009 - part 1

Gary Brown and his band Bushmaster performed at Delmarva Bike Week 2009 ( From 2pm till 4pm at the Winter Place Park in Salisbury, MD, they entertained motorcycle enthusiasts from all over the country. Thanks to Kerry Mendenhall for organizing the event, Skip and his crew from Mirage Sound Co for doing such an awesome job on running the stage and the sound.

Gary Brown - guitar, vocals
Vinnie Hunter - bass
Greg Phillips - drums

This is the first of several blogs we will post from Bushmaster's performance that day, make sure you check out some of the other clips too. We recorded audio cliips too and you can find those on our podcast (www.podomatic/profile/bushmasterblues) and/or embedded in our blog ( I tried to merge the zoom audio onto the video footage, but my computer isn't cooperating... time for a new hard drive arghh...

Anyway, the weather was perfect, the crowd was receptive and cool, and we got to see all manner of cool motorcycles. Michelle Oxley from the Beachcomber newspaper interviewed me ahead of time to generate buzz about our performance, click here to read the article. As always, I'd love to hear your feedback, comments, pictures you took at the show, your memories from the event, etc.

Thanks, we had fun !!!

Monday, September 21, 2009

Live Music in the Garden summer concert series

Gary Brown and his band Bushmaster are pleased to have performed at the "Music in the Garden" summer concert series for the last two years. This intimate outdoor venue is nestled next to Pat Craig Studios ( on West Pomfret Street in Carlisle, PA. The summer concert series is put on by The Pomfret Group (, check out the facebook page for more info on who else is performing, as they have music every Saturday from 4-6 all summer long. Also expect some video and/or pictures from Bushmaster's performance on their site as well.

Gary Brown - guitar, vocals
Vinnie Hunter - bass
Ray Wright - drums
* Chad Bruce - guest harmonica, vocals on selected songs

I'm posting several songs from this performance:
set 1 song 1 - Whole Lot of Money
set 1 song 2 - No Time for Being Alone
set 2 song 1 - Mustang Sally *
set 2 song 2 - Night Shift *
set 2 song 3 - Ghetto All Over the World *
set 2 song 4 - Song for my Father

As always, please send me some comments... I would like to know if you are having any trouble listening to or downloading the songs, so that we can make this even better...

Thanks, Gary

Monday, September 14, 2009

Bushmaster in Berlin (MD that is - near Ocean City)

Hey Guys - even though the beach is closed now, and despite the fact that it was rainy-cold all the way there - we went early so we could walk on the beach for a few minutes before the gig. Surprise, just as we crossed the last bridge into Ocean City, the sky parted, sun peaked through, and there was a seagull on most of the light posts watching the sky change colors with us... Amazingly the water was warm and calm too, couldn't resist, got wet up past my knees...

The gig at the Steer Inn ( was fun too. We were greeted by a warm/supportive crowd ready to party.

Here's four songs from our performance for you to enjoy and/or download... Crossing my fingers that Friday's show (9/18/09) at Delmarva Bike Week (2pm-4pm on the stage at Winter Place Park, 6737 Blue Ribbon Rd, Salisbury, MD 21804) will have great weather and we will get a chance to swim in the ocean one more time this year... Hope to see you there! :-)

As always, please let me know what you think of the clips, all your critiques help me get better!

Hi everyone, I posted a new episode to my podcast, Garys podcast.

Please click the link below to view it.

See you there!

- Gary

Monday, September 7, 2009

Happy Labor Day

Hope your Labor Day is full of fun, friends, family, and frankfurters...

Here's some of the fruits of my labor for you to enjoy while you cook. These audio clips are from my show at Bare Bones in Ellicott City, MD, on Friday 9/4/09.

What did you and your peeps do to celebrate the holiday? Holla back ...

Friday, September 4, 2009

Do me a favor - you might like it :-)

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Thanks, and here's some more audio for your to check out... Holla back, Gary

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Bushmaster at Alibi's in Carlisle, PA

Gary and his band Bushmaster performed at Alibi's in Carlisle, PA, on Friday 8/28/09. Playing bass that night was Gabriel Middleton (of Funktion), and Ezell Jones was on drums (currently of the Skyla Burrell band, and formerly part of Duffy Kane and Black Manhattan). This is one of the funkier rhythm sections that Gary plays with... Here are some audio clips from the last set. I put them up on a couple of different sites, let me know which service you like better and why, so that I can make this better in the future.

Looking forward to hearing your comments, thanks, Gary