Monday, February 1, 2010

Williamsport really knows how to party - Rumrunners footage

First of all let me say that Jason and his crew at Rumrunners - really know how to throw a party - we had a blast! Also, thanks to all the cool people that braved the frigid temps to hang with us last Saturday, 1/30/10 - you guys in Williamsport are fun!

Jackie Szymanski interviewed me for Williamsport's local newspaper, the SunGazette, the article was in January 21, 2010, print edition - and can also be found online at:
please read and let me know what you think, I think she's one of the best interviewers I've had the pleasure to talk to...

Jason Pfirman, manager and all around good guy, set up a camcorder during our show - simulcast it to the bar's in-house monitors while we were playing, and then posted a few choice clips to Rumrunner's youtube channel the next morning. Thanks, Jason :-)

Also, one of our new fans/friends, Scott, posted this video he taped on his cell phone - thanks Scott :-)

Thanks again to everyone who came out, hope to see you again soon - we will be back at Rumrunner's on March 13, 2010.

Holla back,
Gary & Trudi