Monday, September 21, 2009

Live Music in the Garden summer concert series

Gary Brown and his band Bushmaster are pleased to have performed at the "Music in the Garden" summer concert series for the last two years. This intimate outdoor venue is nestled next to Pat Craig Studios ( on West Pomfret Street in Carlisle, PA. The summer concert series is put on by The Pomfret Group (, check out the facebook page for more info on who else is performing, as they have music every Saturday from 4-6 all summer long. Also expect some video and/or pictures from Bushmaster's performance on their site as well.

Gary Brown - guitar, vocals
Vinnie Hunter - bass
Ray Wright - drums
* Chad Bruce - guest harmonica, vocals on selected songs

I'm posting several songs from this performance:
set 1 song 1 - Whole Lot of Money
set 1 song 2 - No Time for Being Alone
set 2 song 1 - Mustang Sally *
set 2 song 2 - Night Shift *
set 2 song 3 - Ghetto All Over the World *
set 2 song 4 - Song for my Father

As always, please send me some comments... I would like to know if you are having any trouble listening to or downloading the songs, so that we can make this even better...

Thanks, Gary

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