Saturday, January 1, 2011

Hanging out with Trudi's family - McFarlane Christmas/New Year's 2010

Trudi's parents came to visit just before Christmas (12/23/10). Craig & Verda McFarlane flew into DC, stayed at Trudi's brother's (Dan & Susan) house in Northern VA, and drove up to see us on the 23rd. We went to a new Mexican Restaurant here in Carlisle, and went to see a movie. Then on the 28th Trudi's sister Angie & her new boyfriend Jeff flew in to town too. We drove down to DC on the 29th to hang out with everyone on the national mall. We started at the American History Museum, then had lunch in the waterfall cafeteria between the two art museums, then checked out the new American Indian museum, and the Botanical Garden. At around 4pm we left DC and headed down Wisconsin Blvd to the National Cathedral, then we had dinner at one of our favorite restaurants from when we used to live in Rockville (Fortune Star). After dinner we drove to the LDS temple to see the annual festival of lights. There was a live nativity set up outside with the Christmas lights, and inside the visitor's center there were several nativity sets from around the globe (I only got pictures of a few, there were a lot of really cool hand carved/hand crafted sets). Then we got to watch a jazz trio "Trifecta" perform six songs (video clips included at the end of the slide show below), what I didn't get was the witty asides the musicians made between songs, if you get a chance check them out.

McFarlane Family Christmas 2010

New Year's Eve we drove back down and had dinner at a cool Vietnamese restaurant in the seven corners area of Falls Church, VA (Viet Royale). Watched a movie at Dan & Susan's house called "The God's must be crazy" and then went to the "Watch Night" celebration with Angie & Jeff. We really had a lot of fun!!! Glad to have had a chance to visit with family during the holidays :-)

McFarlane Family NYE 2010-2011

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