Friday, July 11, 2008

Kings Gap Fairy Forest

"Deep in the heart of the hundred-acre woods..."
Yes - Winnie the pooh is my favorite Disney character, unless it's Tinkerbell (I forget).
Either way, a recent excursion of one of our nearby nature reserves "Kings Gap" had me thinking of both Pooh and Tink. OK, yes I'm in my early forties, but sometimes I still feel ten inside. Might be one of the reasons I get along soooo well with my nieces and nephews. Here's some pictures from our day in what I like to call "Kings Gap Fairy Forest". Let me know what you think...


jen1313 said...

Beautiful pictures. It really does look like a fairy forest.

Cindy Quick said...

This place looks amazing! Where is it? I'd like to vacation there - I'll bet you could do magic here!