Monday, August 4, 2008

My Birthday

I can't stop laughing...
My dad said "how old are you anyway...are you 39 yet?"
My nephews and nieces sang "happy birthday Aunt Trudi booty..."
My friend's grandkids sang "happy birthday...", then "1,2,3... how old are you...", then "hey Trudi it's your birthday, we're gonna party like it's your birthday..."
Love how they threw in the 50cent lyrics in their little kid voices.

So I turned 6 on Sunday (add the two digits together and you get a number that the little ones can grasp... lol)

Gary took me out for Mexican food, something that is surprisingly hard to find on the east coast. In DC we usually had to settle for Salvadorian, Puerto Rican, or Cuban. Purely by accident however, we found a really good Mexican restaurant here in our tiny-town Carlisle. By no coincidence it's right outside the gates of the Army Barracks. It is my favorite birthday food due to all the years in Las Vegas having authentic awesome Mexican dinners to celebrate all manner of birthdays and other celebrations.... Anyway small towns have small minds and we had several funny conversations going on around us as we tried to eat (took me twice as long to eat due to all the stiffled laughter). I never thought that I'd hear someone mispronounce the spanish word for "chicken" so many different ways.... also how in the heck did the next table over get on the subject of "Pablo Escabar"?... we had "Pollo Chilango" and "Carne Asada" and "Taquitos con queso" and all three were awesome (yes we had the leftovers after we went for a walk and watched a movie).

Great day - nice to not have to cook or do dishes - I was happy :-)
Thanks for all the calls and ecards :-)


Cindy Quick said...

I'm so glad you had such a good day - happy belated b-day to you!! Thanks for commenting on my blog - now I've found you and will totally stalk your blog - I love it!! It's fun to catch up and keep in touch this way.
Long Lost Cousin - Cindy (McFarlane) Quick :)

John, Kirstin, Emma, Anderson, Stewart said...

So,you must be 33 or is it 24 or 15 Well we know better than that. I must say you look great for 51! Love ya,
Kirstin and MOM