Thursday, September 25, 2008

For my sister Angie-lala :-)


We argued on the phone today
Because he lives so far away
The words he said gave me a chill
I think I need a happy pill

Wanted to hear what my shrink would say
But she’s out on holiday
The nagging doubt I can’t fulfill
I think I need a happy pill

Want to clear my head and play
Might help me keep the sad at bay
Head is pounding like a drill
I think I need a happy pill

Walked past the pet store by the pharmacy
Got a baby pig from New Guinea
Her happy cute nature helped me chill
I think I’ll call her “Happy Pill”

Made up with him, by the way
Everything is now okay
The tension I no longer feel
Now that I have a happy pill


jen1313 said...

Really cute. I like the poem.

Cindy Quick said...

Okay so you're going to have to let me know how it goes. (cute poem) Got the kids a water turtle some time ago and HATED cleaning it - so we gave him away. They have continually asked me for several other pets since then and I've thought of a "happy pill" but very leary of the cleaning. Good luck - he's so cute. Very tempting!!