Friday, October 17, 2008

Crazy Eights!!

Crazy Eights!!

Okay so I've been "tagged" to the Crazy Eights Game (thanks so much Cindy & Jen).

Of Course when I was in high school, the "Crazy Eights" were a local horn band (Corvallis, OR) who won on star search. (Still Crazy after all these years)

8 TV Shows I Love to Watch:
1. Hardball with Chris Matthews
2. Countdown with Keith Oberman
3. the Rachel Maddow Show
4. Late Night with Conan O'Brien
5. CSI Miami
6. Dexter
7. Weeds
8. Curb your Enthusiasm (Larry David)

8 Favorite Places I Love To Eat:
1. El Rodeo (this is where we went for my birthday - great Mexican food)
2. Fire Mountain Grill (fun buffet that just opened a site near us)
3. Cici's (pizza, pasta, fun all at an affordable feed-the-whole-family rate)
4. El Pollo Rico (the BEST rotissary chicken I've ever had, you can smell it for blocks, and where Gary & I had our first dinner date)
5. Saigonese (our anniversary dinner - food so yummy we drove 2 hrs to get there last year)
6. the Taco truck where we used to live (looks like a hotdog truck)
7. Little Viet Garden (fun place to have great Vietnameese in DC area)
8. Deli C (take out 24/7 in Carlisle - good Gyros)

8 Things That Happened Yesterday:

8 Things I Look Forward To:
1. The new Robin Trower CD - RT@RO.08
2. hearing Gary's new custom made (just for him) amp tomorrow night at the gig (click on the link to see pictures - we're gonna call it the "Viper Verb")
3. Getting the new glow-in-the-dark t-shirts ready to sell online
4. Seeing what "Blues Review Magazine" has to say about the new CD (December/January issue)
5. Waiting to see what "Blues Matters Magazine" (a UK publication) thinks of Live & Blue
6. Playing a weekend gig set at The Akwesasne Mohawk Casino (near Niagra - never been that far north on this coast) (they put us up and feed us for free :-) can you say romantic working weekend)
7. November 4 - Election Day ...DON'T FORGET TO VOTE!
8. A record contract would be nice - anyone interested???

8 Things I Love About Fall:
1. Kids playing in leaves
2. Hay-rides
3. Bonfires
4. walks in the woods
5. seeing the leaves change color
6. hot-chocolate
7. stretchy gloves
8. hoodies

8 Things On My Wish List:
1. Trip to Scotland to vacation and gig
2. A Winnebago with cargo room for band equipment
3. lower gas prices so we can afford to drive the winnebago
4. A record contract
5. more radio airplay
6. permanent band mates
7. a job with health insurance
8. a new digital camera with a histogram and video capacity

There was a "8 People I tag" section, but most of my friends/family have already participated. If you haven't and want to share your answers, leave me a comment, I'd love to see your answers too. :-)



Cindy Quick said...

Thanks for playing along. Love how you inserted pictures and videos - it was so fun that way!! Love it!! We will have to figure out how to get to Scotland together - one day in the near future!

Robert and Tannya said...

Trudi and Gary we miss you. Trudi I love your great post. Dang girl you really are so creative. Look at your great blogging! Love Love the SNL. So funny. I too love CSI Miami. I am glad you are all well. Tell Gary to sing a song for the girls and Crew.