Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Check this out :-)

Today is Gary's Birthday :-)

As a birthday gift to him, our friend started a blog. We've been bugging her to get one started for a while now, since we believe that if more people think like she does - the world would be a better place. Check out some of her awesome observations and let her know if you feel the way we do:

Also, I've been finding out what was going on the day/year that Gary was born. Check this out and see if you can tell what year it was, and therefore how old he is today. ;-)
  • President Kennedy was inaugurated this year
  • John Coltrane played "My Favorite Things" in Baden-Baden, Germany, this year
  • Tung Yingchieh, founder of Tung Style Taichi died this year
  • Magoo's Buggy aired
  • The Bay of Pigs occurred
  • Our new president, Barack Obama, was born
Thank you to everyone who sent him love today, it was a great/happy birthday :-)
Trudi & Gary (birthday man) Brown


Cindy Quick said...

So the big 45 ? ! ? ! Wow how does it feel? Hope it was great!! Happy Belated B-day to you!! Love you guys!!

Robert and Tannya said...

Happy Birthday Gary. Miss you guys.