Tuesday, November 4, 2008

It's election day - VOTE - I did :-)

I was prepared to jump every stumbling block. After all the horror stories about challenging votes, needing to prove your eligibility, etc - I was taking no chances. With ID, current bill with my name and address on it, Social Security Card, Voter Registration card, and my "raised seal copy" of my birth certificate in hand we marched across the street to the church that is our polling place. Yes I know all kinds of bs was raging inside my head just from the separation of church and state issue. We got there and four people were standing outside, stating that "I don't know maybe the door locked or something, I guess someone will come along eventually to let us in..." Trudi spoke up and said "Do you need a strong fist to pound on the door, maybe they can't hear your knocks". Just like that I was volunteered - my pounding fist worked, the door wasn't locked after all just stuck and my pounding loosened it and it popped open. I know "knock and the door shall be opened unto you". Ok now I feel conflicted even more about the church as polling place issue... The voting was remarkably painless, easy, and quick. It was like a weight lifted when I saw "your vote has been cast" in bright yellow letters on a blue screen when I was done.

I was prepared to wait in line, stand up for my rights, fight tooth and nail - THANK YOU to everyone that actually has to do that today - DON'T BACK DOWN!


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